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Reiki with Mimi

Mikko Tries Reiki

All I knew about Reiki coming into this was that it was all about healing, and somewhere there chakras were involved.  What even are our chakras? I had no clue. I recently le[...]


On Body Issues and Self-Esteem

DISCLAIMER: Consider this post to be a Dear Diary one. My way of processing things is by talking about and through it. I’ve shared this with a small circle of people, and sh[...]


Hey guys, I miss you!

Until this year, I never really knew what missing someone meant. I just never had that gut-wrenching feeling of missing someone, or anyone for that matter. But damn, I will sa[...]


Sustainability: Choose To Use

I’m so tempted to have this canvas bag produced, but I won’t because... well, read on. This holiday season, it seems sustainable products were the “it” thing to gif[...]