Who I Am

Mikko Sumulong

Hi! I’m Mikko.

I’m a type writer, and I mean that in the literal sense. I write type, then turn them into handwritten fonts. I also build digital tools like brushes and patterns to help designers create beautiful things. They’re perfect for desktop publishing, web, and graphic design projects.

I have spent the last few years bouncing around the Pacific Ocean. Those years have been spent designing handwritten fonts, building websites, holding craft events, writing books, teaching ESL and doing HR consultant work. In whatever work I find myself in, I make it a point to introduce play and spontaneity back into creativity.

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Where You Can Find Me

What I've Been Called

Type Writer
Handwritten Typeface Designer
Desktop Publisher
Graphics and Publication Designer
Web Designer
Digital Content Creator
Crafter and Maker
Craft Book Writer

Where You've Seen Me

Who I've Worked With

How to Reach Me

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