Hey guys, I miss you!

Until this year, I never really knew what missing someone meant. I just never had that gut-wrenching feeling of missing someone, or anyone for that matter. But damn, I will say it now… I miss people. Not a specific singular person, but all the people in my life. I miss human interaction. Interaction that doesn’t entail preparation, fear, overthinking and the paranoia afterward. Interaction face-to-face, and not just through a screen. I’m not an extrovert really, but I miss being around people and having people around. I’m not a touchy-feely person, but I miss the hugs from my favorite little ones.  I miss laying out in the sun in silence next to someone. I miss happy hour with my favorite drinking buddies. I miss impromptu meetups when I need a quick pep talk. I miss lunch get-togethers that end in the wee hours of the morning. I miss glancing over at someone when there’s some inside joke—can’t quite do that on Zoom. Side conversations at big group gatherings, too.

For now, I’ll hold onto the handwritten notes included in care packages, and will show up to no-life-update enumans. When this is all over—I say WHEN, because I need to believe it will end—I will hug the people I do miss even if they don’t want to. Here’s me saying I miss you guys, let’s pray we get to see each other soon. ♥

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