Chinese Jackstones

Chinese Jackstones were a staple for the 90’s kid in the Philippines. Girls sat in circles on the floor during recess, tossing these small beanbags—doing planting, cave, shooting stars, falling stars, and a whole assortment of other exhibitions.

Each set comes with 4 jacks and a pato, in a small pouch. The beanbags are filled with rice. Each set is handcut, and handsewn. A small pouch is made from the remaining fabric used for each set. Since these chinese jackstones are handmade, expect some imperfections. We use  two types of fabric: basic woven cotton, and premium upholstery/canvas. We mostly use scrap fabric, so no two sets are alike.

Select a Design Option from the drop-down menu below to see what options are currently available. There will most likely be only one of each kind.

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