Crafting a Simple Business Plan for Your Creative Business

If you’re anything like me and my Creative friends, your Creative business probably started out as a hobby, passion project or side hustle that you really didn’t take so seriously at first. So, unlike Business school grads, creating a business plan before jumping into a new venture… just wasn’t, and still isn’t, top of mind.

I surveyed my Creative friends on social media to ask them if they had one, and the response unsurprisingly was “No.” So, banking on this module that I’ve developed, I asked if they’d be interested in crafting one with me if I promise it would only take about sixty minutes to make. I got a resounding “Yes.”

You most likely know you should have that business plan under your belt, but you just don’t know where to start. In 60 minutes, you can develop a business plan that aids in more informed decisions, to better ensure your business’ success. If you’re a Creative looking to take your side interest or passion project to the next level, or if you already run a viable small business but need to increase your focus and organization, then this 60-Minute Business Plan workbook is for you.

So, if you’re ready to craft a simple, useful, buildable Creative Business Business plan, grab the workbook and get started!

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