Dare Your Mind to Create

When I got back to crafting a few years ago, the first big project I took on was The Friendship Bracelet Book. When I designed and made all those thirty or so bracelets, I went straight to DMC Philippines for my thread. I had remembered stealing the same ones from my Mom’s cross stitch thread stash and used them to make my bracelets instead.

Mikko Sumulong | Dare Your Mind to Create

DMC approached me to talk about my crafts story and my love affair with their thread. I was eager to get everyone to try out new things. Saying “I’m not crafty” is not an excuse. We all weren’t crafty when we started out either.

I hope to see you at DMC’s Handcrafted Crafts Fair. Swing by my booth to pick up some craft tools, chat or even do a little bit of crafts. I’ll also be having a free Friendship Bracelet workshop on Friday morning. You can register directly with DMC Philippines. See you there!

Mikko Sumulong | Dare Your Mind to Create

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