Mikko Tries Reiki

All I knew about Reiki coming into this was that it was all about healing, and somewhere there chakras were involved.  What even are our chakras? I had no clue. I recently learned that my friend Mimi had completed her reiki courses, and was now doing sessions, and from a distance no less. Since this extended lockdown got me feeling (or not feeling, for that matter) all sorts of things, I thought that maybe I’d give reiki a shot. I tried it, and here was my experience.

Mikko Sumulong | Mikko Tries Reiki

I went into my session not reading up on what happens during a session. Aside from hearing personal accounts of seeing white or purple lights, I knew nothing. I wanted to go into it not having any  expectations. All Mimi asked for ahead of time was my name, birthday and personal intention. Then Wednesday morning rolled around, and this is what happened.

Mimi sent me a message to let me know that she was about to do a bit of meditation, then was going to go straight into my session. Being terrible at keeping silent and still, I decided I’d set up the downstairs area as best I can to set the mood. I mixed a few drops of eucalyptus and orange in my oil burner, and lit the candle. I pulled up a reiki playlist on Spotify. I held my new selenite crystal against my heart and said my personal healing mantra. I am able, capable, and valued.  I said it a few times just to remind myself. I put all my devices on silent, and then got on the couch.

It was really tough to get myself settled. There’s something about closing my eyes when I’m wide awake that makes me uneasy. I had so many thoughts in my head, it seemed so impossible to clear the space. So, to “forget” all the other stuff, I tried to focus on my breathing instead. I placed one hand over my chest, and the other over my belly. I was mindful of each inhale and exhale I took. After I don’t know how long, I started to feel and see things.

It started with gold. It was quite similar to light bouncing off of the gold gilt edge on my Mga Baraha deck. It shone gold, then somehow slo-mo exploded into fine gold glitter. Then, I started seeing something light-like. I felt like I was looking into liquid moonstones, or an oily mix of white and lavender. Then, a whole lot of nothing for a while. Then suddenly, I started to see photos. It was like watching a slidehow in the dark. I had no idea who or what was in those photos, but they kept on coming. I wondered if this was what people meant when they say that their life was flashing before their eyes. Then, after minutes of nothing again, I just decided to open my eyes… and reached for my phone. And as if on cue, there was a message again from Mimi.

She asked me how I was. I told her that I felt relaxed and energized all at the same time. It was weird. I felt a lazy calm, but also just wanted to sew, work out, and get started on this new project idea I had. I forced myself to embrace the calm while Mimi gave me her observations.

Mimi observed that my crown and third eye chakras were strong, but the rest were really weak. She pointed to my heart chakra specifically, and how she heard someone saying “bad things kept happening.” She wasn’t wrong—that’s been my overarching sentiment since March. She mentioned that she went ahead and replaced that negativity with peace, hope, and love. She then proceeded to talk about my sacral chakra—the chakra related to creativity and sensuality. And boy, if I wasn’t happy with my session yet, her observation here was EVERYTHING.

Mikko Sumulong | Mikko Tries Reiki

I started pole early this year, but that got cut short due to lockdown. In its place, I had been taking flexi classes twice or thrice a week since May. It had been the highlights of my week—something I always made time for and looked forward to. Over the past month, I had been debating whether getting a pole was reasonable. I mean, come on, I had only taken two classes and I really had no space for it. Against my better judgment, I made the irrational pandemic purchase, because I just knew it would make me happy. I didn’t really tell a lot of people about it. I didn’t know how people would take it. So, it was some sort of secret and the fact that Mimi had tapped into that was just crazy.

Mimi said that my solar plexus chakra, the one that has to do with willpower, was also not flowing. Perhaps this literal pole in my room would aid in making all the chakras flow better again. My biggest takeway from my session with Mimi, much like my tarot readings with Chinggay, is that all these feelings I have are not just in my head. It’s oddly reassuring having someone who doesn’t know my inner workings come in and validate everything. I felt seen, heard, cleansed, re-energized and validated. My first reiki was a great one. So much so, I’ve looked into taking a workshop for it so that I can do it on myself.

What were your experiences like? I’d love to know.

To schedule a session with Mimi, you may reach her on IG @nicetomitiu or on FB @milktiu

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