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This time last year, I applied for a creative residency. I pitched a project, which was to create a deck of cards while I was under their wing. Cut to: I didn’t make the cut. No residency for me, which was fine. The deck of cards put off indefinitely.

Mid-year, I got introduced to my Aries sister Chinggay‘s Practical Magic Starter Tarot Deck. Chinggay is my favorite non-spooky, non-creepy, tarot card reader friend. Her tarot deck was very much the same—non-spooky, non-creepy. Soon after, I knew I wanted to come out with an oracle deck, friendly enough for those who aren’t into new age stuff.

A couple months after that, I had friends and family pushing me to come out with a book. Apparently @mixfonts snarky truths spoke to them, and they thought these “Mix Quotes” would render well as a book or something similar.

The year was nearing the end, and I was content knowing that these three goals just weren’t happening for me in 2018.

Mikko Sumulong | the scoop on #nofilter

That was until November of last year. Chinggay and I met one day to talk about a potential project (after a Love Lesson Reading, of course :p). Could we make an oracle deck using some of my quotes? YES. Yes, we could and yes, we did! In a span of a week, we brainstormed, conceptualized, picked out quotes, designed all the cards, had a hundred decks printed, built a website and started selling them worldwide. WHAT.

No coincidences, indeed. My three “failed” goals manifested themselves in this one project.

Mikko Sumulong | the scoop on #nofilter

And then, Spot.PH comes and features our little oracle deck project that could; This IG-Worthy Deck of Cards Gives Solid #NoFilter Advice. I was beyond myself. <3

The #nofilter deck has 52 cards, and 3 accompanying guide cards to help you out. It’s perfect for those who want to try their hand at tarot but don’t quite know how or where to start. Ask a question, draw a card, and get your brutal answer. It’s pretty much a magic 8 ball, in playing cards form.

Mikko Sumulong | the scoop on #nofilter

If you’re needing that friend of yours who’ll dish out no-BS truths, you still can. You can grab your own deck from We ship worldwide!

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